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About Us

Devoted Doggy is a small American company based out of Arizona.  Our mission is to make great products and sell at a fair price.  Too many retail outlets gouge customers in the name of convenience.  Here is what a few customers have said about our products:


"I love the seat cover. It seems to be made well and very sturdy fabric. I really like the nonslip feature. I am really pleased with the cover, never seen anything better." - Barbara R.


"I have two pugs that shed fur like crazy. This cover is great for keeping their fur off the seats. It also helps to keep them comfortable in the car."  - Kim M.


"This is a great car seat. Fit my Honda CRV perfectly. Attaches easily in seconds. Just slip the top strap over the headrest and the bottom strap clips under the seat. I love that it's quilted and looks stylish. Plus the seat belt is still able to be used."  - Di H.


"These are the best seat covers I've owned or seen. I highly recommend them."  - James A.


"This is the nicest doggy seat cover you will ever find. The quality is amazing.
It is thick, and has a non-slip back on it, so unlike those cheap ones that do nothing, because they slide all over the seat and the dogs get under them, as well as the dirt, This does not move!! At all. I put it thru a major test too!!
So I have two little dogs, that are a little crazy in the car. They get so happy, and excited to go to the lake, they bounce around, want to sit on my lap, and go nuts. So I put this on and first it is a hammock style so they can really not get out of the back seat."  Cyndi F.